Cosmetic acupuncture has many advantages over other facial treatments as it does not cause swelling, there is no recovery time, it does not risk disfigurement, it's virtually pain free and much more cost effective while still giving noticeable results!

The only complication is occasional mild and temporary bruising.

The Irish Times acclaimed this treatment as “…a viable alternative to cosmetic surgery, and the effects can run much deeper than simply improving appearances.”

Why use medical skin needling?

Medical skin needling is suitable for all skin types, even thinner skin. Unlike laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels,  It does not damage the surface layer of the skin.This minimises your down time (48hrs) and also minimises any discomfort during and post treatment

It is also a very cost effective alternative to laser.

​Medical skin needling produces similar results to laser skin resurfacing and deep chemical peels, but at a fraction of the price. It is much less invasive, less painful and does not damage the skins surface and so healing time is reduced, resulting in very little down time.

Visible improvement is seen after just 6-8 weeks following treatment and continue to improve for up to a year. Results are quick and will last.

Why choose Transform Acupuncture?

Does it hurt?

30 minutes prior to  treatment, you will have a topical anaesthetic cream applied before using the dermal roller or dermal pen on your face or body. This allows the high grade micro needles to painlessly penetrate the upper layer of the skin. Most people simply experience a feeling of heat. 

​Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Charlotte is without doubt the very best practitioner that both myself and my wife have been to in Jersey. A very friendly person who is also really knowledgeable.


​​​​Medical Skin Needling

​​​Making you look great from the inside​​

Cosmetic acupuncture is a holistic treatment that aims to not only improve the way that you look, but also the way that you feel.

We use a combination of Gua Sha, facial cupping and ultra fine cosmetic acupuncture needles which are inserted into specific facial acupuncture points to target the main muscles of the face, helping to improve skin tone and texture as well as enhancing general wellbeing. We combine this with intradermal needles to target specific fine lines and wrinkles. Much like dermal rolling, these encourage the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, but specifically within the lines they are inserted, so over time the appearance of the lines and wrinkles improve. We then apply professional strength Medik8 skin care to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, for a superior targeted cosmetic acupuncture experience.

I've had many massages with different therapists, but I have to say Charlotte was the I told her so. The room was a perfect temperature and I left there so chilled out. Would definitely recommend!


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The tiny needles on the dermal roller/pen create a micro trauma in the deeper layer of the skin (the dermis). There is no outward damage or scarring to the face, but it triggers the body's natural healing mechanism and induces the release of growth factors that stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin within the skin. Consecutive skin needling sessions produce new collagen progressively until indented scars and deep lines are filled.

Medical skin needling, also known as collagen induction therapy or dermal rolling, is a safe and increasingly popular anti-ageing treatment. It uses a single use sterile dermal roller or dermal pen to stimulate collagen production in the skin. As a result, treatment can restore a healthy youthful appearance and treat unsightly stretch marks and scars.

​​Reveal a younger looking you

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Had some problems with my back and Charlotte was very thorough taking full medical history before the acupuncture. Would definitely try this alternative therapy again. Brilliant at back massage as well.


Having trained originally as a beauty therapist before achieving a BSc Hons in acupuncture, Charlotte has indepth knowledge and experience in the skin care industry, placing her in a unique position to combine both disciplines and offer cosmetic acupuncture that not only works holistically, but also gives great results.

What can medical skin needling treat?

Improve the appearance and minimise the depth of all facial lines and wrinkles

Improve the appearance of enlarged pores

Noticeably improve the appearance of acne facial scarring and pitted facial scars

Improve the apearance of pigmentation marks and sun damage. Create a more even skin tone

Improve skins elasticity and overall tone 

Improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks