​People choose to have counselling for a variety of reasons, and in my experience some of the most common ones are as follows;

Relationship issues: Most of our lives revolve around relationships in one way or another, and so it's very common for clients to need help in this area. I see clients who are struggling with family, friends, work colleagues, romantic partners, and the relationship with themselves.

Mental health issues: Often clients come to counselling because they are experiencing anxiety and/or depression.​ Counselling can be very effective at helping to understand the root cause of these feelings, and to help better handle the symptoms.

Bereavement/Loss: Whether it's due to the death of a loved one (human or animal), or the loss of something important in our lives, bereavement and loss can be devastating and complicated. Clients often come for counselling as it gives them the space to process their bereavement/loss, in a safe and supportive environment.

Less specific reasons: Sometimes it's hard to put how you are feeling into words, or to properly identify the problem. Maybe you're just not feeling yourself, maybe you're finding yourself struggling to cope, maybe you would just like to learn about yourself. Counselling can provide you the time and space to do this, and facilitates your self exploration.

Low self-esteem: So many of my clients have come for counselling feeling badly about themselves. They might compare themselves to friends, colleagues or family members, they might find themselves having unpleasant thoughts and feelings about themselves, or find themselves seeking validation from others. Counselling can help you understand this, so you can gain greater understanding and begin to challenge these thoughts and feelings when they arise, helping you feel more empowered, more confident and more like yourself.

Shame: This is a biggie. Nearly all of us feel shame at some point, and it can be a really destructive emotion because it makes us hide, and not want to talk about it, often because we can't face telling someone, for fear of judgement, or because we can't face ourselves. We can feel shame for our thoughts and feelings, shame for our past actions, or shame for the things which were done to us. Counselling can provide a space where clients can unload knowing that they are safe from judgement.

I am a trained integrative counsellor, which means I have training in more than one type of counselling approach. My foundations are in person centered counselling, however I have further training in psychodynamic counselling, EFT and cognitive behavioural therapy.

This means I can see a wide range of clients for a wide range of issues, and can adapt my approach if you have a preference or aversion to a particular type of counselling.



Counsellors are specially trained to listen to you intently, and non-judgmentally, asking questions to facilitate your self-exploration and to help guide you to a greater understanding of yourself, your situation, your past, or to help address unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

The result of this is that you feel supported, empowered, you gain greater clarity and insight into yourself and your situation, and can move forward from a place of deeper understanding.

Counsellors do not give advise. No one can know your situation better than you do, and so I trust that my clients have the answers within them. Instead I help to facilitate the discovery of those answers.

To put my clients as ease, I offer a free consultation. This allows you to meet me, discuss any questions you might have, and decide whether counselling is right for you.

I will ask about what brings you for counselling, and what you would like to get from counselling, and should you choose to continue with me, then we can come up with a plan that fits in with your schedule and with what you would like to achieve. I work with clients both short term, and longer term depending on what is needed. Sometimes clients come for counselling with one specific issue, but along the way we discover there is more to it and more work is required, and so being flexible about the number of sessions accommodates this.

Each session will be approximately 50 minutes long and will be in my counselling room at Lido medical centre, where there is free parking. Sessions cost £65, which is payable on the day of your session by cash or card.


If you are thinking about having counselling, then the chances are you are struggling and you are wondering where to turn to for help.

I am fully qualified counsellor with a level 4 diploma in therapeutic counselling, further training in CBT and an advanced diploma in couples psychotherapy.

Counselling provides a safe, confidential and supportive space for you to talk about your problems, concerns, or experiences with a trained professional, such as myself. 

"Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field, I will meet you there"  Rumi




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